Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Cardboard Testimony

God transforms lives!  Here is a video of some people in my church sharing their cardboard testimony.

Here is my Cardboard Testimony

The pain, sin, and failures of my life before Jesus Christ:

Given Up At Birth
Sexually Molested as a Child
Married and Divorced at a young age; ex-husband physically abusive
Lived in Sexual Sin
Denied the Existence of God

The love, acceptance and forgiveness I have received from Jesus, My Lord and Savior:

Adopted into the Family of God
A Daughter of the King
Forgiven of my sins
Married to a God-fearing man that I do not deserve
God is real and He transformed my life!

Please share your Cardboard Testimony.  I know it will encourage others!


SHALOM said...

This gives me SO much hope for the uttermost!

Brook said...

Here is my cardboard testimony:
*Raised with NO faith
*Worshipped the world
*Thought everything was about me
*Lived in sexual sin
*Always seeking something more
Once saved I was:
*Shown grace and mercy by My Lord
*Cleansed of my sin and loved unconditionally by my heavenly Father
*Married to a God Fearing man
*Have complete peace of spending eternity in heaven with Jesus!!!!
God Bless, Brook

Laura said...

Rejoicing with you in all the Lord has done! I'm thankful He saved you and transformed you because you are a blessing to me and so many others.

Jolene Engle said...

@ Shalom...God can do ALL things.
@ Brook...May the Lord continue to be glorified through you.
@Laura...awe, such sweet words, sister! You are a blessing to me and many others as well.!

Lisa Grace said...

I love this! I volunteer at Teen Challenge and the women there did this at a local church and sent me to tears.

*I was lost, confused, rejected, and hated myself

*I have been bought with a price and am loved with an everlasting love. I am whole and complete by the grace of God!

Jolene Engle said...

@ Lisa
I am glad to hear how this post touched your heart. I think the more vulnerable we are as Christians, the more lives we can reach for Jesus Christ. Feel free to forward this to your teen girls!

Carolyn said...

Very powerful!

My cardboard testimony..

* Raised by athiest parents; so I was very confused
* Depressed and contemplated suicide muliple times
* felt lost and alone

After Christ came in to my life..

* Married the godly man who led me to Christ
* God saved me from death SIX TIMES!
* No longer feel lost and alone