Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why I Write

Today I am writing and linking-up for the Blog Bash Party over at Women Living Well.  Courtney has asked for us bloggers to give her and her community a little information about us and what type of blogger we are, where we blog from, and what's the inspiration behind our blog. 

So here are my answers to her questions (plus it will give you a glimpse into my heart and life as well).

The reason why I blog:
Because God has called me to write on His behalf; to be His vessel.  My voice, or should I say, my typed words, is the instrument that He has called me to use (whether I like it or not!)   My Father has tugged on my heart asking me to share my story, my struggles, my pain, my heartache, my tears, my fears, and my failures to His daughters. (Can you say, vulnerable and awkward?)  "To obey is better than sacrifice."  1 Samuel 15:22

Plus, He has asked me to share the insights that He has given to me during my journey of following Him, in hopes that it will offer you guidance as you face your own trials and storms.  "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."  Proverbs 27:17

There is NO other reason for me to write, because after all, I know my story and it is not like I need to hear it again (and nor would I want to!)  I am not in search of fame, status or wealth,  I just write for my King. (period!) 

My Inspiration

My Savior, my King, and my God.  Apart from Him, I can do nothing.

I write to the female Believer:
·       Sometimes a broken one  (if we look deep into our hearts, we will soon realize that we are ALL broken!)
·     Sometimes to one who is discouraged and tired in her journey of following Christ
·       Sometimes to one who is married or to one who is single
·       And sometimes I write to one who needs to be equipped with the Word of God so she can apply it to her own life
But even if you don't know Christ and you are longing for the unconditional love, joy, peace and comfort that only a Savior can bring, you can find Him here as well!

In essence, my blog would fall under two categories.  The first category would be the  Devotional/Inspirational blog.

Perhaps there are times in your life that you have found yourself as the weary, Christian traveler.  The woman, who may consider her Christian walk to be more like a hike; an arduous climb over steep mountains and rocky terrain.  A daughter of the King that is seeking, desiring, and thirsting to find relief, comfort, guidance, and assurance as she learns to navigate her way through the hills and valleys of her journey.  Longing to find Christ.  Hoping to walk by faith and not by sight.  Yearning to dwell in His Presence.  Learning to live a victorious life in Christ in spite of all of our defeats.  (You can learn more my defeats and struggles here.)

I desire to encourage you and inspire you to live a life that is poured out to Christ regardless of your circumstances, because that is when His glory is revealed the most!  It certainly isn't an easy thing to do, in fact, sometimes  that 'die to self' thing just kills me!  

The second category would be Marriage and FamilyI ABSOLUTELY LOVE to talk (write) to other sisters about having a Godly marriage!  Our marriages can bring sooo much honor to the Lord especially when our focus is on Christ and not on our spouse.  When our marriage is strengthened and built on the Rock, our love will naturally overflow into the lives of our children drawing them closer to their parents, which will allow us to draw them closer to the Savior.

Where I write from:

My 'desk' is my laptop computer which now sits on boxes from our recent move.

When I write: (although this question was not asked, I am going to answer it)

I have been blogging for about 7 months now and when I began I didn't even know what a 'post' was!  (For those of you that don't know a thing about blogging, a 'post' is just an article that the author has written.)  I write when time permits, (usually once or twice a week) knowing full well that my first ministry is to my husband, then my boys-who I homeschool, and then the keeping of my home, (plus, I move a lot so that keeps me busy!)  Hopefully when the storms of my own life settle a bit, I can spend more time in this on-line, writing ministry.

One last thing.  I am sooo excited about this that I can hardly contain myself!  Very soon my blog will be getting a new look and a new home (hmmm, kinda like me, minus the new look, except if you count the extra 5 pounds that I have gained since my last move!)  For those sweet sisters that are signed up to follow The Alabaster Jar, (whether it be via Facebook, Google, email, or whatever else it is called), I am currently in the process of moving my blog from Blogger over to Wordpress.  Please bear with me as I attempt to learn all the ridiculous, technical stuff.  You may just need to re-subscribe when I move over to Wordpress cause I am just a moron when it comes to all of this!  (Sorry for the inconvenience!)

I am humbled and blessed that you have chosen to spend your precious time learning about me.  Perhaps the Lord may have plans for you and I to become on-line friends!